Indianapolis 2004, VII FINA World Short Course Championships (25m)

A few weeks after the end of Athens Olympic Games, the 7th edition of the Short Course World Swimming Championships (Oct. 7/11th, 2004) was held in Indianapolis.
The Conseco Fieldhouse, a sports structure among the most accredited of USA, hosted the event.
An NBA basketball team, the Indiana Pacers, has its seat in this facility, temporarily transformed into one of the biggest swimming center, with more than 10,000 seating.

For the Short Course World Swimming Championships, Myrtha Pools installed two temporary pools in the center of the arena using its exclusive Myrtha Technology.
Swimming Federations from all over the world more and more frequently choose Myrtha Technology for the construction of permanent and temporary competition facilities.
In facts, Myrtha pools present a large number of benefits: all of the pools are real mechanical constructions built using very high quality and long lasting materials, and they allow easy millimetric adjustment.

This feature represents an important aspect, considering that FINA regulations allow for a maximum tolerance of 1 cm on a 50 m swimming pool.
In addition, the pool structure ensures excellent performance and high speed to athletes, thanks to the special design of the overflow gutter, which guarantees the maximum absorption of the waves created during training sessions and competitive events, without affecting the swimmer’s pace and without any water return.

Furthermore, the high speed of installation allows to install a competition pool in a few days: this is exactly what happened at Conseco Fieldhouse, where the sporting event did not have to compromise the calendar of the trainings and of the matches of Indiana Pacers.

The installation of the two swimming pools began on Sept. 22nd and finished in only one week.
The pool for the competitions, measured m25x25ydsx2 and it was equipped with eight lanes, removable headwallsMyrtha starting blocks on one side and 4 recessed staircases. The same equipments were present also in the six lane warm-up pool (m 25x16x2). Both swimming pools had furthermore the exclusive Strahlenturbulenz water recirculation system, based on a network of wall inlet fittings that allow for a rapid and total recirculation of water in the tank, without leaving slack areas.

Indianapolis 2004, VII FINA World Short Course Championships (25m)
State: USA
Type: Competition pool
Accessories: Removable headwalls, Starting Blocks Myrtha Track-Start
Year: 2004
Dimension: m 25x22,9 + m 25x16
Depth: m 2 + m 2
Benefit: Strahlenturbulenz recycle system; Temporary pool
Technology: Myrtha overflow gutter – classic
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