Italian Diagnostic Center – Milan

Pools built using Myrtha Therapy Technology:

–  Therapeutic pool: 9.00×3.60×1.05/1.80m with perimetral handrails, backrest, seat, anchors for elastic ropes and hydro-massage accessories.

  Cooling down pool: 9.00x3.60×1.05m with perimetral handrails, hydro-massage inlets, geysers, counter-current system.

  Neurologic pool: 4.95×2.30×1.05m with perimetral handrails, backrest, anchors for elastic ropes and hydro-massage accessories.

–  Warm/cold walkway: 14.85x0.90×0.90m with perimetral handrails and hydro-massage inlets.


All pools have Softwalk foam mat on the bottom and perimetrial anti-slip covering on upper border and are also provided with security mat.

Italian Diagnostic Center – Milan
State: ITALY
Type: Therapy pool
Accessories: Fountains, waterfalls and Geysers, Hydromassages, Softwalk® – Safety Floor
Year: 2009
Dimension: 3.60x9; 3.60x9; 2.30x4.95; 0.90x14.85
Depth: 105-180 m; 105 m; 105 m; 0.90 m
Technology: Myrtha skimmer
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