JW Marriott Hotel – Seoul, Korea

After a few years of operation, the two reinforced concrete tiled swimming pools at the Thermal&Spa Fitness Center of JW Marriott Hotel in Seoul were damaged and required major refurbishment.
Pools were slightly leaking due to cracks in the original tiles that allowed water to go behind the tiles. Also the columns adjacent to the pool had not been properly waterproofed and increased the issue.
Both pools have been refurbished using RenovAction technology, with a special Ceramic 3 Overflow gutter.
The main pool (24×12,30×1,20 m) accommodates 4 recessed steps and is provided with SoftWalk mat on the pool floor, mosaic lane marking and floating lane lines.
The children pool (20×3,70×0,60-1,30 m) has been refurbished following the original pool design: the pool’s floor has a double level depth, created by a large underwater stair that separates the children’s area from the leisure area. SoftWalk mat has been used for the floor and steps, and wall hydromassage inlets have been placed in the leisure area.

JW Marriott Hotel – Seoul, Korea
Type: Piscina per Hotel
Accessories: Hydromassages, Softwalk® – Safety Floor, Stairs and ramps
Year: 2013
Dimension: 24 x 12; 18,4 x 7,5
Depth: 1,2; 0,7 - 1,2
Technology: Renovaction, Renovaction overflow gutter
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