After years of complete abandonment, the “historical pool” in Kolezija reopened in July 2015. A substantial restructuring totaling 9.5 million euro, financed by the Ljubljana City Council to give new luster to the ancient center, today redeveloped into a modern aquatic complex and spa.

History and facts

Built on the site of an old mill, the pool of Kolezija is the oldest in Ljubljana, and dates back to 150 years ago. Named after the old miller, Peter Kolesia, it existed already in 1853, when the mill was still in operation. The adjacent dam, in fact, had been protected by a wooden pavilion to be used as a  swimming pool and for a leisure time venue. In 1879, the year after the final closure of the mill, the dam was transformed into a swimming pool to all the effects, maintaining the same facilities of the former structure. A body of water in the countryside, where people could exercise, get fit, socialize and have an intense cultural life during weekend events.

The renovations and Myrtha Technology

Deteriorated by time and neglect, 14 years after its closure, the complex  has been entirely renovated. After a year of work, the new facility reopened to the public and now includes a 50×25 mt Olympic swimming pool equipped with Removable headwalls and accessories for competition and water-polo as well as a 12,5x10m leisure pool complete with whirlpool and freeform area for kids, Softwalk Safety Floor and water games. The pools are faced by a wooden grandstand ideal for relaxing.
In addition there are sport and recreational areas, such as table tennis space, basketball courts and beach volleyball fields. The center also includes an indoor garage and outdoor parking, and can be accessed by people with reduced mobility.

Myrtha Pools guarantees great care for the environment

The renovation work focussed on the environment, preferring green, renewable energy technologies.
In addition to photovoltaic panels, heating and cooling energy-efficient systems, the technology to be used for installing the new pools was chosen based on sustainability. Myrtha pools are designed to ensure intense yet extremely safe water adventures: green even during installation, our pools are a winning combination between innovation, in harmony with the surrounding territory, and the most advanced technology and environmental awareness. Myrtha swimming pools are strong, self-supporting and built with environmentally friendly techniques. Technology which can adapt to any condition and guarantees longest life cycle along with low maintenance costs.

Type: Competition pool, leisure+baby pool
Accessories: Removable headwalls, Starting Blocks Myrtha Track-Start, Other accessories, Fountains, waterfalls and Geysers, Hydromassages, Softwalk® – Safety Floor, Accent Lighting, Stairs and ramps, Waterplayground
Year: 2015
Dimension: 50x25m (competition pool); 12,5x10m (leisure + baby pool with free-form area)
Depth: 1.35-2m (competition pool); 0.3-0.8m (leisure and baby pool)
Benefit: (Competition pool) competition accessories, Softwalk, removabe headwalls, starting blocks, underwater led lights, underwater window ø 380 mm, waterpolo set and goals. (Leisure and baby pool) pem padded floor, stairways, Pelican waterfall, Hedgehog waterplay, freeform pipe hydromassage bench, wall inlets
Technology: Myrtha overflow gutter – ceramic/1, Myrtha overflow gutter – structural
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