Lafodia Hotel & Resort – Lopud, Croatia

The Hotel Lafodia, sited in Lapoud Island, looks directly onto the sea, surrounded by a magnificent Mediterranean bush and the pool built with Myrtha technology seems to match it perfectly in an absolutely natural way thanks to the white lining that releases a bright reflection fitting the colours of the surrounding environment.

The freeform pool measures 23×8.5×1,120 m and it matches the Skimmer system – for the upstream part – with vanishing edge for the part that faces the valley, it has an hydromassage area, coloured led lights and a staircase to facilitate the entrance into the water.

The hotel has been opened after a 4 year renovation and enlargement: this radical transformation has made Hotel Lafodia the Lapoud pearl, in line with the highest international standards, an elegant and modern four star hotel, without losing its soul bound to the island. The intervention: the enlargement and the renovation of the Hall and of the bar area, the construction of the new outdoor bar close to the pool, built completely all over again, placed on the terrace that faces directly on Lopud bay; the reconstruction of the restaurant and of the outdoor terraces; the complete renovation of all the rooms; the construction of the largest conference room in the island; the construction of new pedestrian paths with relax areas inside the large park that surrounds the hotel, the wireless coverage in all the areas intended for the public.
From Lopoud it is possible to reach the heart of the art in less than 50 minutes’ navigation and the strategic position of Hotel Lafodia gives many possibilities of recreation in the island among its old stone houses surrounded by palms, citrus trees and nice gardens gather around the little harbour in a very picturesque atmosphere, and the deserted fortresses as well as among the XVI-XVII century nice nobiliary villas, churches and convents.

Lafodia Hotel & Resort – Lopud, Croatia
Type: Hotel pool
Accessories: Fountains, waterfalls and Geysers, Hydromassages, Accent Lighting, Stairs and ramps
Year: 2009
Dimension: m 23x8,5
Depth: m 1,20
Technology: Myrtha skimmer, Myrtha vanishing edge – ceramic/1
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