Leisure Center Marion – Australia

Located in Marion, 10 km from Adelaide, the South Australian Aquatic and Leisure Center is a new state-of the-art indoor aquatics facility and the main competition and training venue for swimming, diving and water polo in South Australia.
The commencement of construction work was announced at the end of 2009 and the facility was completed for the Australian Aged Championships from 18th April 2011, becoming soon recognised as one of the finest facilities of its kind anywhere in Australia.
Comprising a 52m x 25m x 3m deep main competition pool and a 55m x 25m x 3 to 5m dive and competition pool plus a 10m multi-level dive tower, a dedicated ‘learn to swim’ pool, water play attractions, two spiralling water slides and a number of spas, the complex has something for everyone from elite swimmers and divers to tiny tots.

Myrtha Pools for S.A.C.

The Aquatic Center at Marion has been deisgned by Australian Peddle Thorp Architects, one of Australasia’s largest and most established architectural practices, and all the elements involving water were designed and installed by AVP Commercial Pools, which has been building pools throughout Australia since 1996. AVP is constantly seeking innovative ways to build pools that are quicker to build, easier to maintain and more eco-friendly. The Company has specific expertise in Myrtha Pools technology, for which AVP are licensed agents.All the pools at the Aquatic Centre use the high-tech modular Myrtha system.

Myrtha Pools commissioned ACOR Consultants, an Australian engineering company, to compare the energy used in building a Myrtha pool versus a traditional concrete tank. Results proved clearly Myrtha technology has a carbon footprint significantly lower than a traditional pool made with concrete and tiles. The installation phases are much quicker and do not require the use of heavy machinery. The necessity to mantain waterproofing by replacing the grout or the tiles is pratically zero for the first 20-30 years.

AVP is also responsible for the filtration and chemical treatment of all pool water. Environmentally friendly filtration involves the use of state-of-the-art Defender Regenerative Media Filters, which provide superior water quality, also allowing to save significant amounts of energy costs.

Myrtha pools built all 6 indoor pools of the Center:

– A ten-lane FINA compliant competition pool, measuring 52 metres x 25 metre x 3 metresdeep, that includes viewing windows, a movable bulkhead, removable headwalls, recessed step on both long sides and inspection corridor.
– A water polo/dive pool, measuring 55 metres x 25 metres x 3 to 5 metres deep, also contains viewing windows, movable bulkhead, 8 dive air spargers.
– A 25 x 13,50 metre “program pool”, including a relax area with hydromassages
– A learner pool, measuring 15 metre x 12 metre x 1 metre deep
– A leisure freeform pool, with a perimeter of 85 metres, with with interactive play features
– A 5 x 14 metres slide entry pool

All waterslides, provided by Turkish Company Polin, have been produced using RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) and LRTM (Light Resin Transfer Molding) technologies, which are used in the space and aircraft industry. RTM technology is based on the use of raw strong materials (multiaxial fibres and multiaxial mat), injected inside the molds, that have many advantages compared to conventional methods, i.e. Hand Lay Up and Spray Up.

The Centre will be capable of hosting major state, national and selected international aquatic events and will be compliant with the requirements of world swimming governing body FINA for diving, water polo, synchronised and open water swimming.
Beyond the National Age Championships, the Centre is already scheduled to host five other major events (including the 2011 Short Course Championships and 2012 World Life Saving Championships), showcasing the centre to both Australian and international athletes, and is aiming to host the 2012 Olympic swimming trials.

Leisure Center Marion – Australia
Type: Two 50mx3m deep FINAcompetition pools with movable booms and 4 leisure pools
Year: 2011
Dimension: 52 x 25 m; 55 x 25 m; 25 x 13.5 m; 15 x 12 m; 14 x 15 m; freeform
Depth: 3 m; 3-5 m; 1 m
Technology: Myrtha technology
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