Les Bassins de l’Aqueduc, Mornant, France

Les Bassins de l’Aqueduc is a new swimming center which opened in September 2015 in Mornant, France.
The Centre is extensive and is able to accomodate up to 3,500 students during the school year offering a complete range of activities able to fulfill any customers’ desires.
Whether you are interested in a fitness workout session, a moment of total relaxation in the spa, fun and leisure in the pools or swimming lessons for children, at Les Bassins de l’Aqueduc you will find everything!

The facility, designed by Chabanne & Partenaires architects, covers an area of 3500 sqm and represents a state of the art project in terms of eco-sustainability.
All the elements, such as the filtration and the heating system, contribute to reducing the carbon footprint. The irrigation system has been designed to collect and re-use the rainwater, and the building has wide glass walls in order to take advantage of the external natural lighting.

Following this philosophy, Myrtha has designed the four swimming pools with special consideration to the environment. In fact, all pools designed by Myrtha have a 50% less carbon footprint, when compared to traditional pools, in terms of material production and transportation. In addition, the long lifespan and minimal maintenance significantly help in reducing the environmental impact.

The swimming area features a 25m training pool, a 15m learn to swim pool provided with a movable floor to perform different types of exercises, a freeform recreational pool equipped with entering stairs, hydro massage lounges and a counter-current swimming system, and even a children free-form pool provided with water toys for the youngster’s entertainment and fun.

Les Bassins de l’Aqueduc, Mornant, France
Type: Training pool, Learn to swim pool, Leisure pool, Baby pool
Year: 2015
Dimension: 25x15m Training pool, 15x10m Learn to swim pool, 150m2 Leisure pool, 56m2 Baby pool
Depth: 2 m Training pool, 0.30-1.35 m Learn to swim pool, 1.05 m Leisure pool, 0.12 m Baby pool
Technology: Myrtha technology
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