Long Beach 2004, U.S. Olympic Trials

July 7th-14th, 2004: The City of Long Beach, CA, hosted the U.S. Swimming Olympic Trials, one of the most important sporting events in the U.S.A., where athletes compete to represent Team USA at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece.
The “Charter All Digital Aquatic Center”, a temporary facility, was built for the event and located in the parking lot adjacent to the Long Beach Arena.
For the first time in the history of U.S. Swimming Olympic Trials, swimmers have trained and competed for Olympics top positions in two temporary pools, both built by Myrtha Pools by using the exclusive Myrtha Technology.

Great success for Myrtha Pools: athletes, coaches and the local community were enthusiastic about the pools, considered a new trend in the world of swimming. ‘Fast pool’ was in fact the more common definition used to describe this competition pool.
The construction of the “Charter All Digital Aquatic Center” was completed in less than a month, including the installation of grandstands with 10,000 seats and of the two Myrtha pools.
These last ones –a competition pool and a warm-up pool– measured 50x25yds.
The competition pool had eight 50m-long lanes and 2.5 meters wide, according to FINA-regulations.
The warm-up pool had the same set-up, with three additional 25m-long lanes placed horizontally next to the other 8 lanes, making an “L-shaped” pool.

At the end of the event, the pools were disassembled and permanently installed in other facilities: the competition pool moved in the city of Yucaipa, in the Southern part of California, while the warm-up pool was installed in the Berkeley Aquatic Club, in New Jersey.


Myrtha pools present a large number of benefits and allow easy millimetric adjustment.
This feature represents an important aspect, considering that FINA regulations allow for a maximum tolerance of 1 cm on a 50 m swimming pool.

In addition, the pool structure ensures excellent performance and high speed to athletes, thanks to the special design of the overflow gutter, which guarantees the maximum absorption of the waves created during training sessions and competitive events, without affecting the swimmer’s pace and without any water return.
Furthermore, the high speed of installation allows to install a competition pool in a few days.

For all these reasons, Swimming Federations from all over the world more and more frequently choose Myrtha Technology for the construction of permanent and temporary competition facilities.

Long Beach 2004, U.S. Olympic Trials
State: USA
Type: Competition pools
Accessories: Removable headwalls
Year: 2004
Dimension: m 50x22,9 + m 50x22,9 with appendix of three 25 m lanes
Depth: m 2 + m 2
Benefit: Temporary pools on a parking area
Technology: Myrtha overflow gutter – classic
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