Magic World – Giugliano Campano (NA), Italy

Location: Giugliano Campano (NA), Italy
Opening new attraction: 2009
Attractions: waterslide “Megaslide” section 900×4000, waterslide “Family Hole” Ø 2800, waterslides “Niagara” 1700×600.

The southern park “Magic World”, realized in the Nineties under the name of “Aquaflash”, enlarges to “large-sized” entertainment with 4 brand new thrilling waterslides: 2 rapid “Niagaras”, forming a Multisurfing landing in the existing splash pool; 1 Mega slide, with an impressive 4 meter section, 12,50 m high and 130 m long; 1 Family Hole, with a 3 meter diameter. These slides can be used with family tubes, 4 or 6 seats.

Magic World – Giugliano Campano (NA), Italy
State: ITALY
Type: Aqua Park and Slides
Accessories: Body and tube slides, Rafting and Black Hole, Multislides and wide slides, Family Slides
Year: 2008
Dimension: L 130 x H 12,5 m ( Mega slide); 3 m (diameter of the Family Hole)
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