Seven Infinity – Gorgonzola

A modern multi sports center, Seven Infinity Gorgonzola is located on a green area of ​​12,000 square meters, along the banks of Martesana canal.

Designed to become a small world dedicated to sports and entertainment, it offers a wide range of services and activities, thanks to the presence of pools, tennis courts, soccer fields, as well as beach volleyball and beach soccer areas, a climbing wall and a wellness and physiotherapy center.

With many opportunities for sports and entertainment for young and old, the renovated complex is a practical example of “Design & Management“, a program developed by Piscine Castiglione / Myrtha Pools including a plan of services for the design, construction and management of large swimming facilities, such as swimming pools and public sports centers.

Seven Infinity Gorgonzola features five swimming pools designed by Myrtha Pools, three indoor and two outdoor pools, all built with Myrtha Ceramic Technology 1.

The 25X18m sports pool is equipped with two movable headwallsMyrtha Track Start starting blocks, 8 mosaic lane markings and “Virtual Trainer, a wireless system to monitor real-time performances by means of led strips installed on the pool bottom.

The 10,5x5m indoor pool is a multipurpose pool complete with a 1m diving board and special movable floor to allow adjustment of the pool depth  from 0 to 3.60m.

The third 16x10m indoor pool is mainly dedicated to fitness classes.

The outdoor area is completed by a 37,60 x 10,80m multipurpose pool which includes an area reserved for swimming, divided into three lanes; a play area; a 4 lanes water slide and a 38 m Body slide with dedicated landing area.

To complete the summer retreat – a green oasis for fun and relaxation – there is a shallow 19x14m octagonal baby pool equipped with Octopus – a multiple-lane slide for children.

Seven Infinity – Gorgonzola
State: ITALY
Type: Competition Pool, Multi-Use Pool, Diving pool
Accessories: Movable floor, Removable headwalls, Starting Blocks Myrtha Track-Start, Virtual Trainer, Stairs and ramps, Multislides and wide slides, Baby slides
Year: 2012
Dimension: 1281 m²; 70 m²
Technology: Myrtha overflow gutter – ceramic/1
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