Melbourne 2007 XII FINA World Championship

March 2007. Myrtha Pools has contributed once again in a very decisive way to the success of one of the most important international swimming events: the Water Polo World Championships held in Australia at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Center (MSAC), now the biggest and most modern Australian sport centre.
The outdoor pool manufactured and installed by Myrtha Pools hosted the male and female water polo matches. The pool (52 x 25 x 2.8 m) installed in 2006 for the Commonwealth Games was built with Myrtha Technology and, thanks to the technical characteristics and high quality materials, it has credited 53 records among which 6 are world records, beaten during the 2006 competitions: Australian Trials and Commonwealth Games.
The pool is equipped with a bulkhead, the special competition accessory by Myrtha Pools, that allows to reduce the pool length from 52 m to 33 m, the standard length for a water polo field.

In addition, at the beginning of 2008, a movable floor has been installed on the whole pool surface, the first one with such dimensions ever manufactured.

MSAC – Melbourne 2007


testimonial – Melbourne – MSAC

Melbourne 2007 XII FINA World Championship
Type: Competition pool
Accessories: Movable floor, Movable bulkhead
Year: 2005
Dimension: 52 x 25 m
Depth: m 2.8
Benefit: Movable largest in the world that allows you to use the pool for different activities, dividing it into two parts by 25x25
Technology: Myrtha overflow gutter – ceramic/2
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