Messina 1997, Universiadi

August 1997. In the occasion of the Universiadi, organized in Sicily under the patronage of the Region, the complete refurbishment of the swimming facilities of the Cappuccini Sports Center in Messina and the construction of a new water-polo pool, adaptable for international competitions, have been committed to Myrtha Pools.

The project has been completed in record time thanks to night shifts, necessary considering the amount of work and the short available time.
The interventions on preexisting facilities interested the whole structure, both plant design and tanks.
The insertion of important solutions and equipment technologies makes the Cappuccini Sports Center one of the most groundbreaking sports centers in Italy: radial flow floor inlets with 90cm wall windows for filming, underwater lights, starting blocks with electronic control, springboards for synchronized diving competitions and air safety cushion.

In the building, the new water polo pool, 33.3x21x2m, has been built using Myrtha technology. Completely freestanding with inspection corridor, the pool is equipped with automatic filtration plant and with a sophisticated disinfection system with pH/C1 control.
In addition to water polo competitions, the pool can be used even for warm up and training sessions, since it is provided with all necessary accessories (starting blocks, grapples, lane markings etc.).

Messina 1997, Universiadi
State: ITALY
Type: Competition pool
Accessories: Air safety cushion for diving, Starting Blocks Myrtha Track-Start, Accent Lighting
Year: 1997
Dimension: 33.3 x 21 m
Depth: 2 m
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