Mompiano Swimming Centre – Brescia, Italy


Myrtha Pools completed six pools at  Mompiano Aquatics Center (Italy).
Opened in
2013 the venue features three indoor and three outdoor pools, totaling 1,660sm of water surface.

The center’s interior area hosts, in the main room, the 34.5x25m pool, variable depth 1.8-3.5m, perfect for agonistic competitions, water polo matches and underwater trainings.
A second room hosts two pools: the first one is 11x7m with 0.8m depth, while the second one is a 9x6x1.1m pool, particularly suitable for gymnastics and kids’ courses.
The 12,000sm outdoor area is the home to the other three pools: the bigger one is a 16.5x25m pool with variable depth from 1.4 to 1.8m. The facility also includes a 12x8x0.4m pool, perfect for kids and infants, and a recreational pool 20x8m with constant depth 1.1m.

For all the pools, Myrtha Pools used its exclusive technologies and plant design, which guarantee high quality in terms of technical, esthetic and functional solutions.
Thanks to Myrtha Pools’ know how, the Mompiano Aquatics Centre represents a state of the art project and one of the most advanced aquatic centers in the world.


READ THE NEWS: The Mompiano public swimming pool signed by Myrtha is one of the 10 most incredibly designed of the world!

Mompiano Swimming Centre – Brescia, Italy
State: ITALY
Type: Sports and Leisure pools
Year: 2011
Dimension: 34,5x25mx(1,8-3,5) m; 11x7x0,8m; 11x7x1,1m; 16,5x25x(1,4 -1,8) m; 20x8x1,1 m
Depth: 1,8-3,5 m; 0,8m; 1,1m; 1,4 -1,8 m; 1,1 m
Technology: Myrtha overflow gutter – structural
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