Montreal 2005, XI World Swimming Championships

The XI FINA World Championships 2005 were held recently in the City of Montreal, Canada. It was the first time that this championship has been hosted in a city in North America and notwithstanding the uncertainties, they commanded tremendous international interest. More than 2,000 athletes and 300,000 visitors from all over the world attended this extraordinary aquatics event. Myrtha Pools was among the official suppliers: all the swimming pools, three permanent and four temporary, hosting all the competitions and trainings, were designed and constructed by Myrtha Pools.

The Italian Company and its exclusive technologies allowed the athletes to attain excellent results and to break 9 world records and set an astounding 25 championship records.

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Montreal 2005, XI World Swimming Championships
Type: Synchro pool
Year: 2005
Dimension: 9,90x9,90x2,10m (Warm-up pool for Synchro); m 30x20x3 (Synchro pool); 35x25x2.10 m (warm-up pool for Waterpolo); 35x25x2.10 m (Waterpolo pool); 50x21x1,5m (Warm-up pool for competitions with leisure freeform area); 50x25x3m (competition pool); 25x25x5m (Diving pool)
Benefit: 7 pools and 4 of this were temporary pools and
Technology: Myrtha overflow gutter – classic competition
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