Morioka Health Centre “Yupias” – Tokyo

In the city of Morioka, about 500 km from Tokyo, Myrtha Pools has achieved Morioka Health Center “Yupias”, one of the most comprehensive swimming facilities dedicated to swimming activities.
The Center is designed to meet the needs of all users and has been provided both pool for competition 25 m x 8 m Myrtha overflow ceramic and other five pools Myrtha Technology with accessories for the recreational and leisure swimming. The Technology of Myrtha Pools was also chosen for its connotations and structural resistance to seismic activity, which this area is notoriously subject.

Morioka Health Centre “Yupias” – Tokyo
State: JAPAN
Type: Baby pool; Piscina da competizione; Piscina ludica
Accessories: Rivers & Boating
Year: 2001
Dimension: m 6x3,44; m 25x8; m 6,28x2,12; m 8x7,20; 142 m² + 120 m²
Depth: m 0,58; m 1,20; m 0,50; m 0,80
Technology: Myrtha overflow gutter – ceramic/1, Myrtha skimmer
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