Olympic Nice Natation – Nice

A new Olympic swimming pool was recently opened in Nice, for exclusive use of the young athletes belonging to the Olympic Nice Natation Team, one of the strongest teams in France.
The Olympic Nice Natation includes among its members famous international swimmers such as Camille Muffat e Clement Lefert, and was awarded many medals during the FINA World Championship in Barcelona in 2013 and the London Olympics in 2012. The pool, built with Myrtha technology, is included in the big sport centre project in Nice, the Var Plane.

Thanks to the new pool, athletes have now a dedicated area for training. In the past they were hosted in the Jean Bouin pool, although it was only a temporary measure since professional swimming training, lasting 5 hours per day, required the exclusive use of the pool and interfered  with other users.
The Olympic Nice Natation Myrtha pool is a 50x25m, 2 m deep. It consists of two removable heads, Myrtha Track Start starting blocks, targets, and LED lighting.

Olympic Nice Natation – Nice
Type: Competition pool
Accessories: Removable headwalls, Starting Blocks Myrtha Track-Start, Accent Lighting
Year: 2013
Dimension: 50 X 25 m
Depth: 2 m
Structure Type: Outdoor
Technology: Myrtha overflow gutter – classic competition
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