Pacific Dawn, P&O Cruises Australia

Myrtha Pools completes another outstanding project for a new cruise ship.

This time we are talking about Pacific Dawn, part of the fleet of P & O Cruises Australia’s navy, refurbished at the beginning of 2017 in record time.

When compared to the other P&O ships, this huge refurbishment will bring on board the Pacific Dawn for the very first time, many new features, including an exciting water park with slides, a children’s playground and many new surprises concerning the food court.

Increasingly, cruise ships are renewed with the addition of modern and exciting attractions and new features, to provide unique and exciting experiences to their customers. The world-wide presence of ships with high levels of comfort and services led the cruise tourism industry to a steady growth over the years, always succeeding in satisfying the most demanding end users.

That is why, Pacific Dawn went to dry-dock at Singapore’s naval shipyard, for maintenance and retraining operations to all passengers’ common areas.

The refurbishment of the 1500 passenger and 11 deck ship, features a restyling of bars, lounges and restaurants, now looking like as modern and elegant as the whole P&O navy style.

Myrtha Pools became protagonist of the renovation project with their record time installation works.

In only 12 days Myrtha Pools’ team completed a Spraypark full of interactive games dedicated to children’s enjoyment and two thrilling waterslides including the departure platforms: exciting attractions which combine engineering know-how and creative talent, interaction with the customer and the ongoing creation of new solutions always in compliance with the strict technical requirements of the shipyard.

The assembly works performed on the cruise deck involved a 15 person qualified team, working 24/7 in two different shifts. This represented for Myrtha Pools a huge challenge especially considering the operating conditions: limited time schedule, confined spaces, complexity of the site with many sub-contractors working at the same time.

The new Pacific Dawn water park is a break-through one, transforming the way we usually think of waterslides and offering guests an extraordinary aquatic experience.

Among all the attractions, a 77,27 meter waterslide provides a truly sensational visual and sound sensory experience, creating a unique adventure, each time different from the previous one. The special sound system diffuses music through the built in loudspeakers, transforming the waterslide into a true loudspeaker itself.  At the same time, the numerous polychrome bands that make a visual impact, create a continuous light show for a breathtaking ride.

The second waterslide captures the attention thanks to its semitransparency: 81,20 meters of translucent fiberglass.  It provides unique sensations for those who use the water slide as well as for those who, from the outside, watch the people who are coming down the line.

The Spraypark (also designed and installed by Myrtha Pools) completes the water park feature of the cruise ship.  This aquatic recreational space at zero depth is a space with  interactive water toys for children to enjoy.

Whether enjoying the dynamic adrenaline of the waterslide or enjoying the Spraypark water toys, getting bored on the Pacific Dawn is really impossible!

Pacific Dawn, P&O Cruises Australia
Type: Spraypark and Waterslides on Cruise Ships
Accessories: Compact slides, Waterplayground, Spray park
Year: 2017
Dimension: 77,27 m, 81,20 m
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