Pâquis school pool, Geneva, Switzerland

Myrtha pools requalified in 2017 the pool of the school building of the quarter of Pâquis, in Geneve. The pool is a 25-metre covered pool, used for swimming lessons and sports training; this pool is also open to the public a few hours a day.

For the restructuring of the pool, Myrtha Pools used RenovAction technology, an advanced technology that allows the renovation of pools in a short time without invasive and costly interventions.

The new pool was opened in November 2017 and it was the first requalification project in Switzerland by Myrtha Pools.

Pâquis school pool, Geneva, Switzerland
Type: School pool
Accessories: Movable floor
Year: 2017
Dimension: 25 x 12 m
Depth: 0 - 2 m
Technology: Renovaction overflow gutter
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