Parc Olympique (RIO) – Montréal, Canada

The Parc Olympique de Montréal is a sports center built in 1976 to host the summer competitions of the Olympic Games which took place that year. The entire building has been recently renovated and is now one of the most stunning sports centers of Canada.

The training rooms have been redesigned with spectacular views, and a Café-Boutique and relaxation areas have been created to meet the different needs of the Centre’s clients. The three swimming pools of the Aquatic World area, located in the heart of the sports center, have been significantly improved by Myrtha Pools.

The competition pool, that measures 50x25x2-2.45 meters, has been renovated to make it compliant with FINA’s regulations. It can be configured for 25- or 50-metre swimming competitions, and it is equipped with Myrtha Track Start Starting blocks and Movable Headwalls, which can be placed on the long sides of the pool.

The Diving Pool, that measures 20x20m, has been fully modernized and, now, it is one of the most impressive in Quebec. Thanks to the refurbishment, the pool is now compliant with FINA’s regulations and it is equipped with a dive tower with platforms and springboards at different heights.

The facility also hosts a 16x10m baby pool, 0.26m deep, provided with a little water slide, a fun mushroom sprinkler and water games, which guarantees fun for the little ones. Myrtha Pools renovated all the pools using Myrtha Renovaction Classic technology.

Parc Olympique (RIO) – Montréal, Canada
Type: Competition, diving and leisure pools
Accessories: Removable headwalls, Starting Blocks Myrtha Track-Start
Year: 2014
Dimension: 50x25m (competition pool); 20x20m (diving pool); 16x10m (baby pool)
Depth: 2-2.45m (competition pool); 4.5-5m (diving pool); 0.26m (baby pool)
Technology: Renovaction
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