Australian Aboriginal Communities

In the year 2000 Myrtha Pools took part to a broad government plan aimed to restore the environment, and to preserve and protect native populations in Burringurrah, Jigalong and Mugarinya, three remote Aboriginal communities in the North-West of Australia.

This ambitious project involved the construction of three 25 mt pools to improve the quality of life for local children and young people, both physically and socially. A several years study carried out by the Telethon Institute of Child Health, later revealed the extraordinary results achieved: a 50% reduction of many diseases and – as a consequence – a decreased use of antibiotics for all young people forming part of the local community.

In these areas, where temperature can be extreme and often exceed 50°C, swimming pools offer the ideal solution to cool off and turned out to be an encouragement to young people’s education, access being allowed only to those attending local schools.


These 25×12 mt pools were created with an overflow gutter on the entire perimeter for ideal water filtration; with no walls to obstruct view, these pools allow ideal monitoring of swimmers.

Installation was made possible by the use of Myrtha Technology; we offered the best solutions to many related issues such as limited communication, difficulties in reaching operation sites and complex logistics for transportation of materials – all this was far from simple.

Myrtha Technology proved to be the best choice compared to other construction methods, offering the ultimate solutions both technically and cost-effectively.

Australian Aboriginal Communities
Type: 4 Competition and leisure pools
Year: 2000
Dimension: m 25x12
Depth: m 1,05-1,5
Technology: Myrtha overflow gutter – classic
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