Rio de Janeiro 1995, World Short Course Swimming Championships

November-December 1995.
The second edition of the World Short Course Championships has been disputed in Rio de Janeiro.
For the occasion, the CBDA (Confederaçao Brasileira de Desportos Aquaticos) asked Myrtha Pools to build a swimming pool on Copacabana beach.

Myrtha Technology was by that time very well-known, besides for the normal in-ground pools, also for the possibility to build large self-supporting pools for big sporting events, that can later be dismantled and rebuilt in other places.
Two pools were installed on Copacabana beach, one for training (25×17.40×1.22 m), and one for the competitions (25x25x2 m).
A concrete perimeter curb was designed, inserted under the beach level and covered with a thick layer of sand after the disassembly of the swimming pools.
Both the pools were built using Myrtha Technology and equipped with overflow gutter on two sides, starting blocks, accessories for competitions, water filtration and disinfection systems.

The show was a great success and … four world records were broken in Myrtha pool!
After the competitions, the swimming pools were dismantled and definitively rebuilt in other places: in this case three swimming pools with other shapes and dimensions were reassembled.

CBDA – Rio de Janeiro 1995

Rio de Janeiro 1995, World Short Course Swimming Championships
Type: Two competition pools
Accessories: Starting Blocks Myrtha Track-Start
Year: 1995
Dimension: m 25x25 + m 25x17
Depth: m 2 + m 1,2
Benefit: Temporary pools
Technology: Myrtha overflow gutter – classic
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