Sciacca Municipal Aquatic Center – Italy

This is the case of a continuation of a project started 30 years ago and never finished. The plan was to build an outdoor 50x21m.

Myrtha Pools intervened on the crumbling structure recovering the area disposed by the council and building a 25x21x2m pool. Myrtha Pools redeveloped the area using the Renovaction technology overflow gutter ceramic. The pool is provided with 14 lights, 1 pH and chlorine control unit, 1 heat exchanger, 8 starting blocks and 8 lane marking lines.

Sciacca Municipal Aquatic Center – Italy
State: ITALY
Type: Competition pool
Accessories: Starting Blocks Myrtha Track-Start, Other accessories, Accent Lighting
Year: 2009
Dimension: 25 x 21 m²
Depth: 2 m
Technology: Renovaction overflow gutter
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