SLS Brickell Hotel & Residences, Miami

SLS Brickell Hotel & Residences is the new jewel sitting in the heart of Miami’s financial district featuring a 5 Star rating, 133 hotel rooms and 450 residences.

The unique style of the hotel perfectly combines contemporary arts and interior design, reflecting the colorful soul of Miami.

Thanks to the vibrant colors and lines of Markus Linnenbrink’s mural created using his dripping technique, the building façade stands out from all the surroundings revealing its unparalleled identity. In addition to the German artist’s artwork, the dynamic and sharp style of the glass balconies contributes to the building’s urban taste.

The interiors have been designed by Philippe Starck, the famous French designer who created a unique cocktail of sophistication and playfulness choosing, for each area, top rate colors and materials.

SLS Brickell Hotel & Residences is a real charm for the mind, offering its customers top-class treatments and 11 exclusive pools all designed by Myrtha Pools.

The SLS Brickell includes, in fact, 5 swimming pools on the 9th floor and 6 pools on the rooftop on the 55th floor.

The 5 small spas (2.4×2.4 m – 1m depth) on the roof-top give a breathtaking view of Miami and the perfect atmosphere for customer wellness. The pools feature hydro massage benches, wall hydromassage inlets, one underwater light and a white inner surface with black edge finishing tiles.
The sixth pool (13.1×4.5m – from 0.90 to 1.20 m depth) includes a prefabricated PVC access stair, underwater lights and softwalk liner for a safer and more comfortable experience. Also, in this case, the pool is white with black tiles for the edge finishing.
The 5 pools on the 9th floor are all different and their layout creates a slender water blade on the longest side of the building.

The biggest pool (29.8×8.7m) faces the sun, featuring beach access, a prefabricated PVC stair, Softwalk on the floor and 2 recessed stairs. The pool sitting in the center has a trapezium shape and 14x9m size with 0,30 m max depth.

At the north side there is the third pool, size 21.4×8.7 metric, from 0.9 to 1.5 m depth, featuring a prefabricated PVC stair with 3 large steps, 2 recessed stairs and Softwalk on the floor.

Embedded in the remaining space lay two last spas: one warm water and one ice bath which regenerates the energies.  Sized 3.3×3.3×1 m and 2.9x3x1 m both pools has a prefabricated PVC stair and relax benches.

The underwater lights installed in all pools create the ideal atmosphere for a romantic night while maintaining an eye on safety.
SLS Brickell Hotel & Residences represents an important project for the Italian company proud to once again share the charm of Made in Italy in the USA. Myrtha Pools contributes, again, in turning a venue into an irresistible retreat where elegance, style and verve are perfectly blended together for an unforgettable experience in Miami.

SLS Brickell Hotel & Residences, Miami
State: USA
Type: Terrace pool
Accessories: Hydromassages, Zero-entry, Softwalk® – Safety Floor, Accent Lighting
Year: 2016
Dimension: 2.4x2.4x1 m Rooftop Spa pools; 13.1x4.5x(0.90-1.20) m Rooftop main pool; 29.8x8.7x(0-0.90) m; 14x9x0.30 m; 21.4x8.7x(0.90x1.50) m; 3.3x3.3x1 m; 2.9x3x1 m
Technology: Myrtha overflow gutter – structural, Myrtha skimmer
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