SNEF Sports Center Lambrone – Erba

The new Lambrone Sports Center, Italy, is now able to host guests into a structure totally renewed after a refurbishment project.

In addition to the previous services, such as athletics, football, basket, tennis, volleyball and beach volley, the new hub houses new outdoor and indoor pools, wellness area and gym. The modern and bright facility offers even a food service.

At the basis of the project there is the will to build new structures preserving the preexisting facilities. In this context Myrtha Pools used the best architectural technologies and its know-how, deriving from 50 years of experience.

The complex hosts six pools, three of them dedicated to swimming and aquatics activities (a 25×16,5m pool, a 10x16m pool and a baby). Another important innovation of the center is the outdoor recreational pool with water slides and baby area, which total surface is 550 m².

During the refurbishment, Myrtha Pools built:

–          a 25×16,50×1,35 m indoor pool, using Myrtha® Technology, overflow gutter, PVC waterproofing bottom, 7 lane marking lines and mosaic targets, two removable headwalls, one of them equipped with 7 Myrtha Track Start starting blocks;

–          a 16x10x1,20m indoor training pool, using Myrtha® Technology, overflow gutter, PVC waterproofing bottom with mat;

–          an indoor baby pool, using RenovAction® Technology, overflow gutter, PVC waterproofing bottom with mat;

–          an indoor relaxation pool, using Myrtha® Technology, overflow gutter, SoftWalk mat, RGB LED lights, hydro-massage beds and hydro-massage inlets;

–          an indoor salt pool, using RenovAction® Technology, PVC waterproofing bottom and disinfection plant with salt control unit;

–          an outdoor recreational pool, using Myrtha® Technology, equipped with foam island, white LED lights, stainless handrails, hydro-massage inlets and geysers, hydro-massage bench, hydro-massage bed, snake slide and rafting slide (50m long and 5.3m high).

SNEF Sports Center Lambrone – Erba
State: ITALY
Type: Sports and Leisure pools + Wellness Area
Accessories: Removable headwalls, Starting Blocks Myrtha Track-Start, Fountains, waterfalls and Geysers, Hydromassages, Softwalk® – Safety Floor, Accent Lighting, Stairs and ramps, Rafting and Black Hole
Year: 2013
Dimension: 25x16,5 (indoor pool); 16x10 (indoor training pool); 7x5 (indoor baby pool); 12x10 (indoor relax pool); 4x4 (indoor salt water pool); 42x18 (outdoor pool)
Depth: 1,35 m (indoor pool); 1,205 m (indoor training pool)
Technology: Myrtha overflow gutter – structural, Renovaction
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