“Spaceboat”, Ondaland – Vicolungo (NO), Italy

Location: Ondaland Vicolungo (NO)
Opening new attraction: 2011
Dimensions: Height m 15, Lenght balck hole diam 1400: m 92 + bowl + run out unit: m 8
Description: plant composed of a tube slide diam 1400 – 92 m long – that throws the users in the bowl. Here the tubes begin whirling around the sides with centrifugal force, before exiting in the final run-out unit.

Space Boat is the brand new attraction combining the excitement of “Space Bowl” with the timeless fascination of sliding on tubes. Users like this attraction, while the brilliant blue-and-white colors and the brightness of fiberglass produced with RTM technology give it a charming esthetical result.

“Spaceboat”, Ondaland – Vicolungo (NO), Italy
State: ITALY
Type: Aqua Park and Slides
Accessories: Rafting and Black Hole, Family Slides, Special editions
Year: 2011
Dimension: Height m 15, Lenght balck hole: m 92 + bowl + run out unit: m 8
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