Sports Center “Pierre De Coubertin”

The Centre Ominisport have 3 pools: Competition pool, Myrtha Technology, 51m x 21m x 1,4-2,6m with bulkheads and ceramic headwalls. Competition pool with RenovAction Technology, 25m x 12,50m with ceramic headwalls and starting blocks, and another RenovAction leisure pool, 12,50m x 10m.

Sports Center  “Pierre De Coubertin”
Type: Competition pool
Accessories: Movable bulkhead
Year: 2013
Dimension: 51m x 21m x (1,4-2,6) m; 25m x 12,50 m; 12,50m x 10m
Depth: 1,4 - 2,6 m
Technology: Myrtha overflow gutter – ceramic/2, Renovaction overflow gutter
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