Stadtbad Rees – Germany

Quality, design and performance: the new indoor swimming pool in Reef, Germany, bears the signature of Myrtha Pools.
Stadtbad Rees, the new indoor aquatic centre, houses a 25m sports pool, opened every day of the week and meticulously designed to meet the needs of everyone: children, adults and swim clubs. Designed with 5 PVC lanes and mosaic targets, this community pool includes a movable floor which allows to vary the pool’s depth in order to offer guests of all ages a multifunctional aquatic area where different activities can occur at the same time.

Stadtbad Rees – Germany
Type: Sports pool
Accessories: Movable floor
Year: 2015
Dimension: 25 x 12,5 m
Depth: 2,6 m
Technology: Myrtha overflow gutter – ceramic/1
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