Vertigo – MSC Preziosa Cruise ship

Dimensions: m 120 +Doremi Castle
Waterparks&Attractions” by Myrtha Pools signed a new project, realizing for the new flagship MSC Preziosa a 120m slide: the longest one ever built on a cruise ship.
“Vertigo” allows guests to experience an exciting fall through multicolour curves and hairpin turns, bringing people on the ship’s edge with a short opening over the sea.
In fact, in one particular section the slide becomes see-through, offering a thrilling view over the sea from a 60m height. The slide dominates the Doremi Castle, a huge aqua-park attraction designed by Myrtha Pools for the entertainment of all-aged guests, installed on the highest deck of the new MSC Preziosa.
Doremi Castle is a combination of paths and water games developed on a sequence of raised platforms with several unexpected attractions, set up by water sprays and splash features. The water park has been designed and built thanks to the collaboration between Myrtha Pools “Waterparks&Attractions” and “Art&Project” studio; the studio developed the theme finding inspiration from the “Doremi and the gemstones” subject.

Vertigo – MSC Preziosa Cruise ship
State: ITALY
Type: Slide and Aqua Park on cruise ship
Accessories: Body and tube slides, Baby slides, Waterplayground
Year: 2013
Dimension: m 120
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