Waterpark Odissea 2000 – Rossano Calabro (CS), Italy

Location: Rossano (CS)
Opening: 1994. Enlargements in 1995, 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2009
Surface: ca 80.000 mq
Attractions: different kinds of waterslides, wave pool, baby pool, river, rafting-black hole, 8 lane Vortex, foam.

Odissea 2000 waterpark celebrates this year the 15-year anniversary. In 1994 Myrtha Pools took part at its building, then it projected and installed its enlargement in 1995. In 2004 Titano Roller was installed, a Black-Hole Rafting almost 300 m long, and starting from a 25 m high tower.

The importance of these attractions was internationally recognized through the Parksmania Awards 2008 ceremony, the “Oscar” of entertainment parks. Odissea 2000 was in fact awarded as “Best waterpark of the year ” for the important growth, the introduction of two big water attractions, Titano Roller and Chimera, and for the remarkable managerial skills. Waterpark Odissea 2000 can be considered today the second best aquatic centre in central and southern Italy” (from

Waterpark Odissea 2000 – Rossano Calabro (CS), Italy
State: ITALY
Type: Acquaparchi e scivoli
Accessories: Body and tube slides, Rafting and Black Hole, Rivers & Boating, Multislides and wide slides, Special editions, Baby slides
Year: 2009
Dimension: m 294
Technology: Myrtha technology
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