Watersports Centre Tourcoing Les Bains

In the core historical centre of Tourcoing, in the northern part of France on the border with Belgium, an important aquatic centre has been realized in an old fire station, the biggest facility at north from Paris. Myrtha and Renovaction technologies, which offer both flexibility and durability, have guaranteed the realization of the peculiar design of the project. Different pools have been created: a 25x21x2.00m pool; a 405sqm free-form pool for learning; an area with a pool for cold water, 18sqm x 1.22m realized with different technologies combined together, Myrtha Overflow Ceramic+Skimmer and Renovaction, and a pool for hot water, 32sqm x 0.92m Myrtha Overflow Ceramic+Skimmer. A 275sqm oval pool committed only for recreational and relax activities and ultimately a 57sqm pool for children.

Watersports Centre Tourcoing Les Bains
Type: Piscina da competizione + 5 piscine ludiche
Accessories: Fountains, waterfalls and Geysers, Hydromassages, Rivers & Boating
Year: 2008
Dimension: 25x21 m; 405 m²; 18 m²; 32 m²; 275 m²; 57 m²
Depth: 2 m; 0.90-1.22 m; 1.22 m; 0,92 m; 0.90-1.20 m; 0.15-0.25 m
Technology: Myrtha overflow gutter – ceramic/1
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