Wien 1995, European Swimming Championships

August 1995. Vienna hosted the European Swimming Championships.
The Prater Bad swimming pool Complex was selected to hold this event but, in the facility, there were no suitable seats to receive the numerous public that follows water polo.
Municipality of Wien heard about Myrtha Pools the previous year –when the Italian company built a temporary pool in Rome for the VII World Swimming Championships– and it found the company very interesting and innovative.
For this reason, the Municipality of Wien proposed to Myrtha Pools to build a pool on the athletics track of the well-known Prater Stadion, equipped with 50,000 indoor seatings.

The time available for the installation was very short, being the stadium already booked for a rock concert till July 9th; besides it was not possible to build masonry works, since the pool had to rest on the surface of the athletics track.
In any case, the installation was completed on July 22nd. The pool was equipped with complete water filtration and disinfection system, heating system and circular balance tank.
The sand floor was positioned on a geotextile surface to preserve the athletics track.

At the end of the Championships the disassembly was immediate: the Prater, in fact, hosted a week later an international football match. The components of the pool were used afterwards for the realization of a new tank, permanently installed in another place.


Wien 1995, European Swimming Championships
Type: Temporary waterpolo pool
Year: 1995
Dimension: m 33x21
Benefit: Temporary pool
Technology: Myrtha overflow gutter – classic
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