World Tauern Spa – Kaprun, Austria

In November 2010, after two years from the work’s inauguration, the World Tauern SPA Kaprun has become a reality.

In the small alpine town, near the state ofSalzburg, full of thermal fonts and immersed in the mountain landscape of thenational Hohe Tauren Park, a plan has been studied to revitalized tourism after the funicular’s tragedy that involved 150 skiers (the typical winter tourism): this gave rise to the company WORLD TAUERN SPA KAPRUN, a unique project for the whole region intended for a tourism dedicated to wellness and health.

The project saw the realization of a 4 star hotel, with 320 beds, a Spa hotel and a daily Spa – a zone open to all daily visitors: a world of sauna and restaurants, which covers over 48.000 sq.mand a total water surface of over 1.000 sq.m.

The sophisticated topographic approach is the prerogative of the project. The new wellness centre in fact, besides rooms, apartments, gyms, shops, restaurants, also has water areas. All the pools have been realized by Myrtha Pools with Myrtha Technology, using both the overflow and skimmer system with the advance material of the carbon profiles.

Spa and Water World can be considered the world of water and they are already making headlines among thousands of tourists. The centre boasts various indoor and outdoor pools with different temperatures, cervical showers, jet stream pools, areas for various activities, cascades, hydro massages, a cave, and indoor or outdoor areas with many deckchairs for complete relax. For example in the centre we can find: a Myrtha touch pool 1,65 x 1,65 x h.1,20 with cold water, lights and music that are beautifully combined with the water; a Myrtha pool with overflow system and saltwater 21,6 x 9,40x h. 1,35; an Active pool 33,00 x 10,80 x h. 1,35 and a sport pool with a constant cascade side 21,00 x 9,45 x h. 1,35.

SPA-Saune will become the thermal zone with sauna, Turkish bathsolarium and an indoor and outdoor summer bar. The Kneipp pools 9,00 x 1,35 x h. 0,21 have two paths, one hot and one cold; but also a shaped swimming pool sauna 17,40 x 11,70 x 1,35; external hydro massages with a pool for diving activities; and comfortable open air relax areas with rooms for massages, cosmetic and beauty treatments.

The playground for kids provides an indoor and an outdoor area divided by a slide; various pools for children of all ages on an area of 8.50 x 16.50 x h. 0.50-0.80; a playground for water and land games, a sand box and a beach volley ground.
The World Spa Tauern Kaprun is intended to become the first wellness centre in Europe.

World Tauern Spa – Kaprun, Austria
Type: Sport and Leisure pools
Accessories: Fountains, waterfalls and Geysers, Hydromassages, Accent Lighting, Stairs and ramps, Body and tube slides, Baby slides
Year: 2010
Dimension: 1,65x1,65 m; 21,6x9,40 m; 33,00x10,80; 21,00x9,45; 9,00x1,35 m; 17,40x11,70; 8.50x16.50 m
Depth: 1,20 m; 1,35 m; 1,35 m; 1,35 m; 0,21 m; 1,35; 0.50-0.80
Technology: Myrtha recessed overflow gutter
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