Naypyidaw 2013, SEA Games

Myrtha Pools installed in Myanmar all the pools of the two Aquatic Centers built in occasion of the 2013 Southeast Asian Games.
The two centers, the Wunna Theikdi Aquatics Centre and the Zayar Thiri, are two identical aquatic facilities located at the opposite sides of Naypyidaw, capital city of the Country. Each facility features a competition pool and a diving pool, both indoor, and an outdoor warm-up pool. , all of them built using Myrtha Technologies.

The 51m Competition pools are equipped with removable headwalls and competition accessories.
The two 26m Diving pools are built using a combination of Myrtha and RenovAction Technologies: the same technologies used for installing the two 50m warm-up pools, equipped with competition accessories.

Naypyidaw 2013, SEA Games
Type: competition, diving and warm up pools
Accessories: Removable headwalls
Year: 2012
Dimension: 51x25x3m (competition pools); 26x25x5m (diving pools); 50x25m (warm up pools)
Technology: Myrtha overflow gutter – ceramic/1, Renovaction
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