Zolotoj Pljag – Anapa (Black Sea, Russia)

Location: Anapa (Black Sea, Russia)
First opening: 2001
Surface: ca 60.000 sq.m
Attractions: 1 splash pool (surface 1.200 m²) with 1 3-path foam slide, 1 kamikaze, 2 body slides, 1 twister; wave pool, baby pool with waterplayground, baby area with different baby attractions.

Second waterpark built on the Black Sea (the first from 1996 was built by Myrtha Pools in Tuapse), “Zolotoj Pliag” is located in a charming Russian seaside resort, Anapa, and develops in two phases: the first one, in 2001, with the big splash pool; the second one on the following year, with the everlasting success of the wave pool and two baby areas.

Zolotoj Pljag – Anapa (Black Sea, Russia)
Type: Aqua Park and Slides
Accessories: Body and tube slides, Special editions, Waterplayground
Year: 2001
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