Remarkable Upgrading at Calusco D’Adda Swimming Center in Bergamo

The important upgrading of Calusco d’Adda Swimming Center, Bergamo, was completed upon the arrival of Spring.
The renovation project involved the existing buildings and the two indoor pools. In addition, new facilities were added, including a new outdoor pool, a parking area, a new grandstand, a large solarium and solar thermal systems. The 2 million euro investment is intended to expand the services at the Swimming Center.

Myrtha Pools contributed to this project by renovating the adult indoor pool (25 x 10 mt ) and the children pool (4,5 x 8 mt), already existing in the center. A new outdoor recreational pool (25 x 15 mt) with  free-form areas and equipped with all comforts, was completed on the south side of the center and is intended for recreational activities.

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