2017 Edward Zeppo Boretto, Executive Director JZ EGENHARIA E COMÉRCIO LTDA

In  2016 Myrtha Pools awarded a project in UFRJ for the refurbishment of a 50 meters pool, being compliant with Fina requirements in order to host professional synchro and swimming competitions.

The pool was the home to the 2016 Olympic Games training  and athletes’ preparation.

The scope included the design of structure, hydraulic installations and the filtration equipment.

During the whole contract, we experienced that Myrtha Pools operated with a continuative professional customer service approach, strong commitment thanks to their Representatives maintaining regular communication and site visits with our Facilities Manager.

Considering  all  the  above  mentioned  strengths,  I  would  recommend  Myrtha Pools to

succesfully  develop  renovation  solution  projects  which  meet high-quality  standards and FINA norms.


Best regards


CNPJ/MF  n° 58.004.714/0001-58

Edward Zeppo Boretto Executive Director

Ez-Egenaria-project in UFRJ for the refurbishment