2016 Kenneth Paul Moeller ARCH PAC AQUATICS

To whom it may concern,
I am an aquatic architect and pool contractor with almost forty years of practice in California. I consider it a
pleasure to recommend Myrtha. I first became enlightened regarding the Myrtha patent that bonds the PVC laminate to
T-304 Stainless steel sheets about twenty years ago. I was designing a pool for Santa Cruz High School that was
proposed in the middle of the campus where the groundwater was literally on the surface as the pool was to be placed
atop an artesian well. As I researched potential solutions to mitigate the site problems of unsuitable soil and high water
table, I quickly became impressed with the Myrtha solution.
I like to recommend Myrtha to my clients as being the solution that is in their best interest. When considering
the 25 year warranty and the fact that it will never need to receive and expensive re-plaster like a concrete vessel pool,
nor have a wrinkled “bag finish,” the Myrtha system provides a lot of advantages. It probably should be stated that not all
stainless steel vessels are created equally. The Patented process of lamination of a patented PVC material to stainless
steel is unique to Myrtha and makes all the difference. I had a client that insisted on a competitors’ product at Monterey
Peninsula College, they came to regret that decision before a single month had passed as the exposed stainless steel
showed significant signs of rusting. The Myrtha product cannot rust because it has a PVC laminate protecting it which
adds longevity to the stainless steel infrastructure. This is something that competitors simply can’t provide, right along
with the best warranty in the business. Myrtha builds a pool somewhere in the world every day of the year, I am glad I
merely recommend their system to my clients and don’t have to compete with them. If you do not give their system due
consideration on your project, you will find yourself regretting. Please feel free to call me should you have any questions.
Best regards,
Kenneth Paul Moeller, AIA, ASLA, LEED AP BD+C
C15022, LA4041, C53 #838073