The Royton Leisure Centre features one of the swimming pools built for the London 2012 Olympic Games!

Myrtha and Barr + Wray proudly completed within the schedule the prestigious new Royton Leisure Centre, a modern facility in Royton, an English town not too far from Manchester, ready to become a central hub providing the most advanced workout equipment as well as leisure facilities.

The center raise in the position of an old venue and it can be rated now as one of the best British wellness facilities ever. Royton Leisure Centre boasts a state of the art gym, fitness rooms, wellness area and an aquatic center, offering a wider range of activities and latest generation equipment.

Water and swimming addicted will find two Myrtha pools, with temperature control and a unique heating and filtering system for a comfortable, relaxed, and pleasant environment at all times.

The aquatic center provides a learner pool and a six lane, 25 meter pool, legacy of the London 2012 Olympic facility dismantled after the Games and reinstalled now in this new venue.

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