Hotels and resort pools

Since Hotels & Resorts around the world have introduced spa and swimming pools among their services, they have seen a significant increase in business, at the same time becoming multi-seasonal destinations. Myrtha Pools has built pools for hotels all over the world, significantly helping them improve their aquatic facilities and giving their customers a much better environment and experience.

  • Myrtha Pools offers design and technology, different materials, colors, finishes and aesthetic solutions to be used and combined.

  • Myrtha is an environmentally friendly choice, by saving CO2 emissions, while reducing the use of water, energy and chemicals.

  • A Myrtha pool can be built in a very short time due to its pre-engineered design.

  • Thanks to the advantages of a light, sturdy and easily-adaptable structure, it is possible to build Myrtha pools in the most difficult of environments including high rise buildings and small, difficult to access spaces.

  • The combination of the materials used in a Myrtha pool guarantees the lowest maintenance cost and the longest life cycle on the market.

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