Refurbishment pools

RenovAction is Myrtha Pools’ patented and exclusive technology specifically developed for swimming pool refurbishment and renovation of existing pools.

There are many reasons to renovate: many existing pools fail to meet today’s health code regulations and therefore require modifications necessary to bring them into compliance.
In other cases, refurbishment can be achieved by the owners in order to meet new design criteria.
Recently, many competitive pools have been upgraded, and leisure components have been added to include freeform sections, lazy rivers and special equipment; also many owners are driven to upgrade their facilities to change the filtration equipment and technology from a skimmer system to an overflow gutter technology.

Finally, most of the traditional pools, including reinforced concrete, gunite and shotcrete, over time develop structural problems that require significant maintenance and interventions, resulting in substantial investment. RenovAction solves all of the problems that often arise in concrete pools that have been in operation for extended periods of time.
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