Therapy pool

Pool rehabilitation : Myrtha Pools® have destined a specific division, Myrtha Therapy®, to the design and installation of pools with therapeutic and rehabilitative purposes, in which it is fundamental that the structure and the equipments of the pool meet precise characteristics, in order to ensure the perfect therapeutic value of the system. The perfectly self-supporting structure of Myrtha® Technology is ideal in these cases because it allows for the insertion of the pool in pre-existent rooms, often narrow or hardly accessible, and it allows furthermore the construction of the pools also completely above ground. This facilitates the operators and the medical staff in the carrying out of their own job around the pool and it allows them to monitor more comfortably the activities both through the deck and through special windows placed along the walls of the pool. Myrtha Therapy® supplies also all the range of accessories indispensable for the therapy: floor partitions and wall ergonomic handrails, floors at different levels for progressive or differentiated therapies, hydromassages with inlets at different heights, adjustable in flow and direction, blow benches, external paths for the assistance to the activities by the appointed staff, lifting tackles for disbled, underwater windows and windowed walls for the monitoring of the activity in the pool.
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