XXIII LEN European Championships (25m): a record collection!

The 23rd LEN European Championships (25m) scheduled in Copenhagen, Denmark, from December the 13th till the 17th, have just ended.

This year, athletes strived to win a title in the 25×25temporary pool completed by Myrtha Pools upon the Royal Arena, a modern sports venue offering top class sports events, concerts and family shows and opened in February 2017. A second 25×15 m Myrtha temporary pool was installed for training session.

During these 5 thrilling days of competitions, the competition pool has been the arena of several records:

3 World Records
10 Junior World Records
5 European Records
18 Championship Records
Copenhagen Records

Facts about the swimming pools installed in the Royal Arena:

10 The days allocated to take down the pools.
2 The temporary pools installed on the occasion.
23 Technicians e 1 Site Manager: the Myrtha Team that completed the installation of the two pools.
12 Hours shifts.
25 x 26 m The size of the competition pool.
1.300.000 The liters of water that filled the competition pool.
25 x 26 m The size of the training pool.
800.000 The liters of water that filled the training pool.
80° F The water temperature.
5 The days that are allocated to take down the pools.

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