Models and applications


The traditional Skimmer version, which presents the water level lower than the floor level, has a ceramic finishing that enriches the visible part of the pool and helps cleaning operations. This system is ideal for public pools with reduced dimensions.



For public pools usually used for training sessions – schools, fitness centres and sports centres in general – Myrtha Ceramic1 is the most used and appreciated technology . Its ceramic tile places the overflow gutter slightly moved from the boarder so that the wave produced by the swimmer is better absorbed and does not reduce the swimmer’s pace.



Myrtha Ceramic 2 presents two ceramic tiles that move even further the overflow gutter and guarantee the maximum absorbing coefficient of the wave impact during training lessons or competition events: the most suitable technology for completion implants.



Myrtha Structural Overflow Technology is characterized by a special Klinker ceramic tile that functions as part of the actual structure of the wall panels. This structure guarantees a perfect overflow level while maintaining an attractive finish, in fact it can be considered the ideal technology for public leisure pools with any design.



Myrtha Classic Overflow is ideal for all the pools that guarantee an excellent water recycle with reduced dimensions and still maintain an aesthetically uniform mirroring surface. It is completed with a simple but pleasant PVC finishing on the highest part of the panel.



The Classic structure is ideal for big competition pools, either on all the perimeter of the pool or only on the two short sides. This technology is also the most suitable for the renovation of pools that need to meet international regulations.



Ceramic/1 structure can also have a vanishing edge effect that guarantees the best success on hills or particular surroundings. Generally it is utilized on one side of the pool with a ceramic tile that follows the external side of the pool and ends directly in the overflow gutter. This technology can be an elegant and efficient solution for public leisure pools, especially in condominiums or accommodation facilities.



The Overflow Structural technology has evolved from the Ceramic1 Vanishing edge technology. Above the Myrtha panels a ceramic tiles functions as part of the structure while still creating a gentle slop that fades away in the gutter.



The Recessed Overflow Gutter fi nishing solution is Myrtha’s newest alternative to a standard ABS grate. Special edge elements, specially designed for swimming poo l use, are fi xed to the overfl ow gutter and allow for the perfect fl ow of wate r while providing an elegant fi nish to the pool . A variety of materials an d fi nishes are available for both the deck and the edge of the pool, such as marble, stone, wood and porcelain stoneware. These materials are highly durable and provide high - tech performance.



To comply with F.I.N.A. regulations for competition pools that do not have an overflow structure on all four sides a headwall is required at 30cm above the water level, often completed by ceramic tiles that guarantee simple cleaning and satisfies the eye.



All the technologies described above can be combined to meet design requirements: competition pools combine overflow technologies with headwalls; public and leisure pools combine skimmer systems with one or more vanishing edge or headwall system too. Myrtha Pools® can offer the work of a specialized technical staff who continuously search for the best solutions to advise the client according to need and surrounding environment.