Myrtha Pools Central East Europe

Wielkopolska 292/9, Gdynia, Poland
Tel: +48 502 245361

Myrtha Pools was established in 1961 and thanks to commitment to constant innovation as well as cutting-edge engineering it soon became a world-wide company. Not only a leader in supplying breakthrough pool solutions, but wellness as well.

From our first Polish introduction in 1996 and through to today, our pools and wellness facilities can be found in every corner of the world, and now prominently across Poland.


The Myrtha team here in Poland approaches every project with utmost care and dedication.

We provide our local customers, partners, architects, consultants, dealers or contractors the same, highest level of services. These services include:


  • Experience and proven reliability of an international brand.
  • Full support during the design process, installation phase and even after project completion.
  • Introducing our technologies directly to decision makers across Poland.
  • Providing know-how regarding pool functionality, aesthetics and showing what can be achieved with current technologies of modern pool building.
  • Supporting our dealers in all aspects of construction: from logistics, to providing applicable documentation to facilitating smooth on-site progression of works.
  • Supporting our partners and coordinating preparation of drawings: from initial concepts, to as-built documentation.
  • Providing comprehensive aftersales services to our customers.


Myrtha Pools is proud to be a part of the ever growing Central East European aquatic market.

Your Myrtha Pools Central East Europe team

Mateusz Szturomski

After gaining his first experience with swimming pools on an international project in Africa after graduating, Mateusz started with Myrtha Pools in 2017. Having the opportunity to deepen his knowledge with relation to new technologies for building pools, working with Myrtha Pools was a simple choice.
Mateusz Szturomski started with Myrtha working with local Dealers, and later became the Official Representative of Myrtha Pools in Poland.

Currently, he is Business Development Manager in Central & Eastern Europe. Together with his colleague Filip Szweda, the team is the official liaison between HQ and Central Eastern European market. The Polish team handles not only commercial activities, but also project development and aftersales.

Filip Szweda

Filip Szweda started his career with Myrtha Pools in 2017, and coming from a chemist background, Filip has always been fascinated by the world of water.

Being always aware of international environments, Filip managed to combine his background with passion, and that’s how he moved from water treatment engineering to the swimming pool industry.

Being a Technical Sales Support, Filip’s daily work is to support all commercial activities, and to coordinate ongoing projects for Myrtha Pools in Central & Eastern Europe.

Competition pools

Myrtha takes top spot on the podium when it comes to the world of competitive swimming pools.
Temporary or permanent, Myrtha pools are fast, flexible and formidable.
Swimmers, artistic swimmers, divers and waterpolo players work hard to reach the top of their sport. We guarantee them venues that match their commitment.

Leisure pools

Community pools, water parks and splash pads are all about creativity and enjoyment. Our technology brings functionality and fun together in the water, which brings us no end of satisfaction. Discover some of our projects!