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Myrtha Pools, since 1961 through commitment to engineering and innovation, has grown to be world leader.
Among pool and wellness solutions provider transforming the industry worldwide, with innovative design, breakthrough technology and game-changing efficiency.
Our pools and wellness solution can be found all around the world. We are official partner of FINA and of the most important Swimming Federations, we have been selected for Olympic games and world championships, and our technology have been chosen in the hospitality business by the major hotel management groups (Marriott, Accor, and Hilton).


Since first steps, Myrtha is a reliable partner granting to our customer and partners (architects, engineers, consultant, dealer, and contractor):

  • Reliability of an historic and international recognized brand;
  • Design supports in every stage of a project bringing our know-how and to combine aesthetic and technic with a sustainable and memorable design;
  • In house professional team equipped with the most advanced designing and modelling software (Revit, BIM, CFD);
  • Advanced engineered production, QC and after sales around the world.


Dive with us into a world of advantages and become our partner!




Myrtha Wellness

Myrtha Wellness is a division of Myrtha Pools dedicated to the creation of therapeutic wellness centres and spa facilities. Offering much more than a menu of products, our Wellness team’s approach brings together architecture, design, client experience, atmosphere and technology.

For our Wellness and Hospitality sector customers, the Myrtha team, with its 360º service approach, offers not only spectacular spa design, but also consultation on spa efficiency, economic analysis and the services of our architectural team.

We follow every project from first concepts to installation and even offer ongoing support through maintenance services. Further, with access to the resources of the world’s leading pool design and manufacturing company, our R&D and design teams can make the most of our industry-leading technology to innovate and surprise.

Like the Spa and Wellness experiences we create, you’ll also find our approach is new!

Myrtha Hospitality & High-Rise pools

Approximately 80% lighter than any conventional concrete pools, Myrtha pools are absolutely perfect for all elevated locations on the property, both indoor and outdoor, due to the state-of-the-art Myrtha technology. Eliminating large amounts of concrete, rebar and labor costs that comes with traditional construction is a huge advantage for Luxury Hotel and Resort owners.

Myrtha Pools, appointed as a Preferred Partner by many of the luxury Hospitality Groups, offers a turnkey service, which combines 60 years of experience with a commitment to continuous innovation.

The lightweight, adaptability of Myrtha technology is the perfect solution even in the most challenging locations: high rise buildings, limited space, high water table soils, seismic zones and a wide range of climatic and geological conditions. Myrtha Pools offers the best solutions even in terms of structure and aesthetics, to meet the needs of every project.

The creative vision of architects has no limits when using Myrtha. State of the art technology in compliance with current construction and safety norms, superior structural elements, extreme attention to detail, high level finishing and the finest materials.

Myrtha Pools can bring the guest’s experience to the next level with a wide range of features such as hydro massage systems, waterfalls, chromotherapy, countercurrent swimming and much more!

Myrtha Institutional pools and competition pools

Myrtha Pools have constructed some of the most highly acclaimed competition pools in the world. This same exacting precision and technology can be enjoyed in Universities, Colleges and Academic institutions all over the world. Institutions receive state-of-art technology adding value to any campus. A sound choice for the allocation of resources, Myrtha Pools need no additional investment or capital expenditures for years to come.

Myrtha Pools has structured and perfected their exclusive technologies, specializing in solutions to measure for the realization of big competition systems fast pools: swimming pools, pools for water polo, synchro-swimming, diving pools. The ability to ensure a precise and fast pools installation is very important in the construction of competition pools. That’s why Myrtha technology has been chosen by Swimming Federations throughout the world for some of their most important competitions. The World Championships in Rome (1994), Perth (1998), Barcelona (2003), Montreal (2005), again Rome (2009), Shanghai (2001), the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996, Beijing (2008), London (2012). Myrtha Pools has also been the pool of choice for the FISU Games, European Championships, USA Olympic Trials, USA Swimming as well as regional Games.

Myrtha Technologies

Myrtha Pools utilize an exclusive modular system that uses panels in stainless steel, on which a layer of thick and durable PVC is laminated at high temperatures and then enriched with precious finishes like ceramics and glass mosaics that are water resistant


Our philosophy, aimed at always accepting new challenges, leads us to take on new projects with enthusiasm and excellence, even for the most complex projects.


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