2011 Mr. Jim Bocci GaREAT Facility, Spire Institute

2011 Mr. Jim Bocci GaREAT Facility, Spire Institute

November 28, 2011

Mr. Jim Bocci GaREAT Facility

1822 5 outh Broadway Geneva, OH 44041

Dear Sirs:

The GaREAT Facility has been very pleased to work with A&T Europe, Myrtha Pools and all of the subcontractors involved in the construction of the two pools at the institute.

The project, which was in excess of $3,000,000, has been completed beyond our expectations. Myrtha Pools are utilized at Spire as the focal point of the aquatics facility which will be the future home of not only a Post—Grad and High School Swim Academies but also future Swim Camps, Regional, State and National events. The GaREAT facility is the home to two Myrtha Pools.

The main competition pool is a 10-lane, 54-meter pool and is 2-meters deep at its most shallow point. The Myrtha Pool offers headwalls and two flow-through bulkheads along with Myrtha’s “state of the art” track start starting blocks. Myrtha was very diligent in assuring that the competition pool meets all NCAA, FINA and USA Swimming standards for competitions.

The second Myrtha Pool at the facility is a 6-lane warm up/warm down and teaching pool allowing for  maximum programmability. With an ADA ramp entry the teaching pool is sure to be a popular spot in the facility.

We believe that Myrtha Pools went above and beyond their scope to ensure that the GaREAT Facility has one of the fastest pool designs in North America. With Myrtha’s stainless steel and PVC technology, we are assured to be able to take advantage of all of its features and benefits during its operation for years to come.

We at the GaREAT Facility would highly recommend using a Myrtha Pool over traditional pool construction and believe that anyone who chooses to do so will have the best possible experience working with them during both the design and construction phases.


Mr. Jim Bocci GaREAT Facility