A story spanning 20 years, and the next chapter could feature pool No. 200! 

For more than 20 years, Myrtha Pools and Barr + Wray Ltd. have successfully collaborated on numerous competition, community and hospitality pool projects.

The two companies, hailing from Italy and the UK, respectively, have grown and developed as industry leaders for more than 60 years.
A particularly memorable shared endeavor came when Myrtha supplied the pool for the Barony Campus, clearly among the most innovative teaching vessels in the UK.
And now it’s time to look forward to the next phase of this winning partnership between Barr + Wray and Myrtha, a relationship already responsible for more than 150 swimming pools in the UK.

I’m proud,” said Alessandro Fochi, Area Manager of Myrtha Pools, “to see that a prestigious partner such as Barr + Wray has found in Myrtha technology the ideal solution for not one or two, but rather 163 swimming pools.” All those pools have sparked growth in the swimming movement along with providing enhanced learning, fun and pure relaxation.
Isn’t it incredible to think after our first Myrtha Pool Installation in 2001,” said Lorne Kennedy, Operations Director at Barr + Wray Ltd., “we are now talking about installation 163 and looking forward to our 200th celebration!