Abu Dhabi 2021: FINA certifies 4 World Records

World records achieved in a Myrtha pool rise to an astonishing 150

The day after the first world record set at the FINA World Championships in Abu Dhabi by Siobhan Haughey in the 200-meter freestyle came an important finishing phase for her tremendous performance: the day of the measurement.
Few know that these records, when they are produced in a temporary pool like the one installed by Myrtha Pools at the Etihad Arena, must be certified through measurement with high-precision equipment that certifies the distance at 25 meters. For this reason, after the heats were concluded on the second day of the event, FINA took a measurement of lane number 5, the one where the Hong Kong swimmer made history by improving Sarah Sjöström’s previous record by 12 one-hundredths of a second.
The result? The pool is 25 meters exactly, not one millimeter more and not one less. The result confirms the precision of Myrtha Pools in design and installation, for both permanent and temporary pools.

By the end of the FINA World Short Course Championships, a total of 4 world records had been established. In addition to the Hong Kong swimmer being selected best female athlete of the competition, another three world records were logged. Those came from the Swedish women’s 200-meter medley relay, from Canada’s Maggie Mac Neil in the 50 backstroke and from Germany’s Florian Wellbrock in the 1500 freestyle.
Thanks to the confirmed dimensional accuracy of the pool, which was installed in just seven days, all records have been certified. That puts the total count of world records recorded in a Myrtha Pool at a staggering 150 – a number that represents the history and reliability of the company which designs swimming pools for champions.