Barbados’ Own Brings Olympic Standard Blocks Home

Barbados’ Own Brings Olympic Standard Blocks Home

Bridgetown, Barbados – Former Barbadian Olympic swimmer, Lani Cabrera, now an employee of Myrtha Pools USA, helps orchestrate Olympic standard starting blocks on home soil. Myrtha Pools, a state-of-the-art pool manufacturing company, is a direct partner with FINA, the international swimming federation, recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

Barbados is set to host the 2019 CARIFTA and CCCAN Games and will now be at the caliber of many major international meets. Following in the footsteps of Bahamas and Jamaica, two Caribbean countries that have previously partnered with Myrtha.

Cabrera mentions that with Myrtha, she hopes to supply for all the Caribbean countries. She states: “I have been with Myrtha for almost two years and I realized that there really was no reason all Caribbean islands and our swimmers could not have the same technology as the highest levels of meets. A lot of our athletes across the region compete at the highest level of this sport, so why not train with the same features we will compete with?

Here, Lani procures measurements to initiate the production of the starting blocks.