Countdown to Melbourne 2022

Great expectation for 16th FINA World Swimming Championships in Melbourne
Countdown to Melbourne 2022

The 16th edition of the FINA World Swimming Championships will soon take center stage under the Melbourne sun. From Dec. 13 to 18, the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre will be the stage for the FINA event, for which Myrtha Pools is the official competition sponsor.

A rich history between FINA and Myrtha here is complemented by a very current shared excellence. You see, this facility at the Melbourne Aquatic Centre was built over 16 years ago by Myrtha for the 2006 Commonwealth Games, and later was the focal point for the water polo competitions during the 2007 FINA VII World Championships. This choice made by FINA emphasizes the longevity and quality of the facilities built by the Italian company.

The Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre was chosen precisely because of the quality of its facilities last May, in a supplementary competition held because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which led to the immediate exclusion of the city of Kazan, originally chosen for the event.

The relationship between FINA and Myrtha Pools is long and reliable, with the first shared event taking place in Rome in 1994 – the VII FINA World Aquatics Championships. Starting in 2009, the year in which the FINA partnership with Myrtha Pools was made official, there have been numerous international events in which the collaboration between the two has resulted in successful endeavours. One key to that shared achievement is due to Myrtha’s attention to FINA rules and specifications, and to the athletes and standards of the sports facilities that FINA holds dear.

One only has to scroll back through the calendar to see how FINA and Myrtha Pools have formed a winning team for both the short-course World Championships (Abu Dhabi, Hangzhou, Windsor, etc.) and the 50-metre World Championships (Gwangju, Budapest, Kazan, etc.). These pools are also used for artistic swimming competitions and water polo matches.